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About Us
David Lincoln - Geologist and Environmental Consultant with more than 15 years’ experience interpreting chemical exposures and potential health impacts. Holds a Master's Degree in Geo-Information Science (GIS) from Salem State University. Author of 2 recent books on the health impacts of environmental exposure to industry discharges. To view a summary of his health tracking method click on our Brochure.

 In recent years I have been deeply involved in the environmental and health impacts of hydraulic fracturing or FRACKING of oil and gas wells. It is not only a pollution risk to water, air and soil but it has been shown to trigger earthquakes.

 Below is a NO FRACKING survey which will help us to better assess National interest in this growing problem.

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      Providing EcoReports to individuals started when we realized this information could be extremely useful to you for understanding what is going on in your own area and life.  You can get an App, Eco-Emergency Alert, which provides most of this information but we found many folks needed some training to use it and wanted a way to just get the information about their own location.  This answers this need.  If you would like to download the App, which is $4.00, just go HERE.

      People need to know what is causing their problems.